Exhibit in Ridgewood highlights children’s art abilities

CTC Academy presented “The Art of Ability” at The Stable in Ridgewood.

CTC Academy is a state-approved, not-for-profit private school with locations in Fair Lawn and Oakland Campus that provides educational and therapeutic services for children with multiple disabilities from 18 months through 16 years – children who are in need of very specialized services as a result of major medical issues, genetic disorders, neurological problems and chromosomal abnormalities. The Oakland campus will expand facilities and programs to accommodate and serve children through age 21 at the newly renovated 39,000-square-foot campus in Oakland.
“Beautiful View””Fireworks””The Looking Glass”

“This is an important fundraiser as it helps during this critical time in our expansion to raise funds for the new Upper School in Oakland scheduled to open in September 2016,” said Audra Hoffman, director of development.

Hoffman explained that The Stable seemed a perfect choice location for the CTC Academy for several reasons. “It is a beautiful facility and great location for a fundraiser/friend maker. Additionally we have a long-standing relationship with David F. Bolger and The Bolger Foundation who supported The Stable as well. Bolger generously challenged the CTC Academy to raise $2.5 million dollars which the Foundation then matched 2:1, thus providing the funds to purchase the Oakland property and begin renovation and addition work to create a new, state-of-the art campus in Oakland,” said Hoffman.
“Beautiful View””Fireworks””The Looking Glass”

The exhibit features 24 artworks. In order to create the art that is displayed, students used unique techniques – one class actually used the wheels on their wheelchairs to paint. Using plastic covering they literally rolled the paint onto butcher paper which was then constructed into a beautiful collage.

“Beautiful View” by Ms. Susan’s class of children from 18 months through 3 years was a project broken down into a number of steps. First, time was spent painting the board blue to represent the sky. Next the students had a great time finger painting with green, brown, yellow and orange paint. Once dry, they ripped the paper into tiny pieces which was later glued to the sky to create the grass, tree and sun. Lastly, students glued on the clouds, flowers and the CTC Academy girl.
“Beautiful View””Fireworks””The Looking Glass”

“Fireworks” by Ms. Lynn’s preschool class was made by the students using materials other than brushes – textured rubber balls that were small enough for the students to grasp, bubble wrap, rolled up paper and textured sheets. Different painting techniques were used including splattering and dabbing to make the painting. The students chose the colors themselves.

“The Looking Glass” by Ms. Toni Ann’s class of 2nd through 4th graders used a window pane. Their vision was to work together as a team to create a country rustic look for all to enjoy and hang in their homes. They used adapted paint dotters to make a field of sunflowers and used hues of yellow, green, brown, pink, and red for mixing their color palette. This project “The Looking Glass” looks towards a greater, brighter tomorrow.

“On the Road” by Ms. Laurie R.’s high school class involved each student utilizing his or her own unique abilities and resources in order to apply paint to paper. Large paper canvases were provided, each signifying a part of the landscape – the sky, the sun, the mountains, and the road. Each student worked on a different piece of the picture, which was later put together like a puzzle. Students painted and textured the paper using a variety of tools that highlighted their individual abilities including PVC-adapted paint rollers, their wheelchair wheels, and their feet.

The therapists (Physical, Occupational, Speech and Music Therapy) work with the teachers within the classrooms to bring creative ideas and solutions to making art.

As she hung the show, Lisa Babin reflected on her personal experience: “When my son Michael attended CTC Academy it was so much more than a school … it was a family. When Michael graduated it was sad for all of us, we had grown so attached to the people, the program, the culture. I’m so proud to say that I have worked at the CTC Academy for the past six years as a development associate helping to raise the funds that will bring this organization to even more families with children with special needs.”

Hoffman added that “events like this, “The Art of Ability” at The Stable, not only gives us an opportunity to raise funds for the important programs and services that CTC Academy provides but it provides a place for parents to meet and socialize – it’s a fundraiser and a friend maker.”

The CTC Academy will be hosting a special event fundraiser on Jan. 29 from 7 to 9 p.m. – reception, wine tasting and student art auction. The Stable is located at 259 North Maple Ave. in Ridgewood and is open weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. or by appointment. 201-670-5560. Audra Hoffman, Director of Development at CTC Academy can be reached at 201-797-7440 ext. 227.

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