NJACP CEO Visits Member CTC Academy

NJACP CEO, Valerie Sellers, visited member CTC Academy campus. Valerie is pictured above with Ann Ogden, Executive Director and Bill Presutti, Prinicpal, Oakland Campus. CTC Academy is a non-profit organization that provides educational and therapeutic services for students with a diverse array of developmental disabilities through collaborative educational program and support services for students and families.

CTC began as a Center for children with Cerebral Palsy but over the past 60 years has evolved into an innovative education institution that provides creative education and advanced therapies to students with many different types of disabilities— students who face physical, medical and developmental challenges.

CTC offers two schools and follows the school continuum from Preschool through age 21 as well as Early Enrichment for children ages 18 months through 3 years. Our Fair Lawn Campus serves students 18 months through 6 years of age. The Oakland Campus serves students 6 through 21 years of age.

Valerie was able to tour the campus and commented, “I am so appreciative to Ann and Bill for the opportunity to learn about the innovative programs that CTC offers to provide students with supportive, therapeutic and educational services on beautiful campuses. I was especially fortunate to benefit from Ann and Bill’s expertise and demonstrated commitment and dedication to the children and young adults they serve”.