Support Services

Support Services for your child. Support Services for the entire family.

Social Work/Family Support Services: At both campuses, the school social workers provide families with community resources that can give the family practical information for day-to-day living. The social worker can assist with assessment and referrals to appropriate agencies for entitlements such as social security, Medicaid, Perform Care and The Catastrophic Illness In Children Relief Fund. Short-term counseling is also available along with referrals for individual, family and group therapy.

To further facilitate student and family support, we offer the following programs:

Open to the Public:

Available for CTC Academy Families:

  • Respite Nights
  • Mom’s Time Out
  • Family Fun Nights
  • Grandparents Day

If you are interested or in need of any of the above services, please contact:

Del Marie Alvarez, LMSW, School Social Worker – CTC Academy- Fair Lawn Campus:

Kimberly Martiak, MSW, LCSW- School Social Worker – CTC Academy- Oakland Campus:

Our Nursing Department: The CTC Academy employs a highly specialized nursing team headed by a New Jersey Certified School nurse at each campus. Our nurses are responsible for the health and safety of the students, staff and environment during school hours as well as in the community during school trips. They provide direct specialized healthcare and procedures to our students who display diverse and complex medical conditions. Our nurses also provide health related training to CTC staff members as well as provide support to individual student’s private duty nurses to ensure proper health and safety procedures are being implemented.

If you have any question regarding our Health Services please contact: Carol Anne Chupak, Director of Health Services,, P: 201-612-5677